NextHook® adhesive tape

NextHook® self-adhesive tape with hooks is a quick way to install a mosquito net on a window. The mosquito net hook placed directly on the tape will keep the net on the window in a fixed position.

Made in Europe

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An innovative solution in the field of mosquito net installation

NextHook® self-adhesive tape contains evenly and densely spaced hooks, thanks to which the window insect screen will always maintain its position. This solution does not require the use of additional hooks or other fasteners, such as a metal hook or mosquito net holder. Just stick the adhesive tape with the hooks, then after cutting, place the net on the hooks and press it using the plastic NextHook® Tool.

Assembly instructions in 4 steps

Quick, simple and convenient installation.

  • Step 1

    It is important that before installing the NextMesh® mosquito net, the window frames are cleaned and degreased with spirit or white spirit.

  • Step 2

    Gradually tear off the white securing tape, then attach the NextHook® Velcro to the frame from the inside, then press.

  • Step 3

    After applying the NextMesh® tape, wait about two hours until the adhesive layer adheres well to the surface of the window frame.

  • Step 4

    For accurate installation, use the included NextHook® Tool to press the mesh into the Velcro hooks as tightly as possible. Ready!

With NextHook® self-adhesive tape with hooks, you will see that making your own mesh mosquito net for windows by the meter is pure pleasure and saves time.

NextHook® tool

With each order you will receive one free plastic NextHook® tool for easier pressing of the net into the Velcro. The perforations in the tool have been designed to perfectly fit NextHook® Velcro.

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Attach the NextHook® Velcro to the frame from the inside. Use the included tool
NextHook® Tool to press the NextMesh® mesh into the Velcro hooks as tightly as possible.

EasyRemove system

NextMesh® window mosquito nets, attached with NextHook® self-adhesive Velcro, are an ideal solution for all types of windows. Thanks to the EasyRemove system, each window mosquito net can be quickly and easily removed without damaging the surface.

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NextHook® self-adhesive tape has the highest quality original VELCRO® glue dedicated to installing mosquito nets in a window frame.

Install the NextMesh® mosquito net quickly and easily using the dedicated NextHook® self-adhesive tape with hooks. Installing the mesh has never been so easy.